About Me


Born in Toronto in 1961. I studied fine arts from 1985 to 1988 at The Art Centre – the visual arts program at Toronto’s Central Tech School.

From 1987 – 89 I painted murals including working on Canada’s largest mural for Calgary’s Eaton Center as well as for private installations, which included an exterior piece for CBC’s building on Parliament in Toronto.

From 1989 until 2002 I worked as an animation series designer, layout supervisor and overseas animation supervisor on TV series such as King of The Hill, Flash Gordon and Anatole, as well as Inuk and The Boy.

In 2002 – 03, while transitioning away from film animation and into manual therapy, I took a year off in which to explore oil painting techniques.

August 2015 saw the end of a 12-year hiatus from any artistic endeavors and began the series that you see today. With the exception of the male and female nude studies, the entirety of this work was created between August of 2015 and February 9, 2017.

Since January 2018 I have balanced my time equally between my therapeutic work and working in my studio.

Years of Experience
Pencils broken
Illustrations Done
Coffees Drunk

Art draws us into our stories. Its images make surprising visual statements about the complex nature of realities and develop fresh opportunities of perception for the viewer.

The Work

Drawing Stuff and Painting Things


It’s something I’m driven to do. I create something that has a physical presence; an accumulation of gestures, colours and textures.

I build relationships between myself and my subject – this develops an opportunity for the viewer to participate in the piece; to generate their own relationship with the subject.

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From the very beginning of my painting career, whether its a still-life, landscape or a portrait, I have only ever been trying to capture the essence of that person or scene – not depict their likeness. As I do with my manual therapy clients, I’m searching for what neither of us can see; but also for what most important.

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Copyright Paul John Elliott

Works on Paper

As a therapist I see the inherent chaos involved in human connectivity. I experience this on physical, emotional and even spiritual planes. My work depicts the emotional exchange – and my empathy for – another’s physical (as well as emotional and spiritual) restrictions.

The layers that constitute each piece is an attempt to measure and articulate the massive events that must transpire in a split second for a person to achieve movement – physically, emotionally or spiritually.

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To be clear – I paint subjectively, not objectively – I do not re-create photo realistic images.

I find that I achieve a better ‘likeness’ when I set out to capture the essence of my subject – how they feel in themselves, how they perceive and approach life. I attempt to see beyond what they are wearing and delve in to what makes them , what drives them to discover and draw out their   unique greatness.

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In the chaos of the broken and asymmetrical I see strength and beauty.


In Progress







Art is a journey; it can transcend us from our traumata - teach us what we need to heal. It is an emotional and visual journey.